You Are Not Ready for This

There have been rumors of a Secret Society of REAL Financial Planners. We can confirm that the Society exists, and want to clear one thing up:

The reason we remain secret is the cold, hard reality that the public is not ready for what we have to say.

Most of you have convinced yourselves that the complex stories being told by the traditional financial services industry must matter. Most of you must like watching CNBC 24 hours a day, talking to your friends about your next move in the stock market, and the constant worrying you are doing about the future.

On the other hand, REAL financial planners have been accused of being “too simple, too straightforward, too honest.” You see, we always speak our minds, and you most likely can’t handle that, so it might be better if you just went back to what you were doing and left us alone.

The reason we’re releasing this much information is because we have been noticing a very small change, a desire for a more pragmatic approach. We have noticed that a small group of real people are starting to demand something different. Real people seem to be getting tired of the same old stories. We are starting to think that there might be a few people that want to hear what we have to say. If you think you are one of them, enter you email below, but most likely you should go back to your stories and forget you ever read this.

*While we consider these rumors evil, we are not; we’ll never do anything evil with your email address.